Facility & Catering

Extend your ceremony into a celebration by hosting your simhah at Beth Sholom!

We welcome members and non-members alike for Jewish life cycle events, including weddings, b’nai mitzvah, bris, naming ceremonies and memorial services. Beth Sholom also welcomes non-profit and corporate meetings and other private rentals. 

Our fully accessible, elegant and spacious accommodations are ideal for large or small receptions, breakfasts, luncheons and dinners. We maintain a COR certified kosher kitchen, with catering by Uptown Gourmet Catering or our own in-house catering department. 

From 20 to 450 people, casual to elegant, daytime to evening, there are several excellent options. What could be more perfect than a simhah at Beth Sholom? After all, we’ve been celebrating for more than 50 years!

Spaces Available 

Our premier simcha space, the beautifully appointed Banquet Hall offers a warm ambiance and is ideal for elegant evening events. Directly down the wide staircase or via the elevator from our main foyer, the elegant Banquet Hall has a capacity of 250-400 guests, depending on how the dance floor is configured.

Our most flexible space, the Assembly Hall can be subdivided to accommodate an intimate event for 30 or a gala event for as many as 350 guests. A favourite for both casual and elegant celebrations, the room features hardwood floors and large windows delivering fantastic natural light in the daytime. 

Perfect for smaller receptions, meetings and classes, our intimate Boardroom was originally a library. With warm wood tones and large windows, the Boardroom can accommodate up to 40 people. It is located on the upper level and accessible directly off the Kiddush lobby.

Suitable for the most intimate of meetings or gatherings, the Simhah Room doubles as our Bride’s Suite, and has its own private washroom.

Booked on its own or together with the Banquet Hall, the Kiddush Lobby is directly accessible from the Sanctuary and perfect for receptions, Shabbat luncheons, bris or baby namings.

Selecting Dates 

We can assist you in determining dates appropriate to your simhah, and tentatively hold one date and one time-slot without charge. Should another party seek to book “your” date, we will contact you and you will have three days to confirm and provide full payment or your booking will be released. Neither holding nor booking your room guarantees the caterer – you must book catering separately. 

Rental and Additional Fees 

Rental fees are based on the type of event, the date and the space(s) used; please call us for a quote based on your unique requirements. We offer discounts for members, provided membership fees are up-to-date as at the time of deposit. Checkroom attendant(s), a security fee and a refundable cleaning/damage deposit are required and included in the facilities charge. 


Due to kashrut (Jewish dietary law) restrictions and supervision requirements, no food or beverage of any kind whatsoever, other than that provided by the Synagogue or our exclusive caterer, Uptown Gourmet Catering, can be brought into the Synagogue or served on the premises. All wine and liquor must be kosher and is subject to inspection by the Synagogue kashrut supervisor. 

Choose from a variety of menu options when you sponsor a congregational breakfast with our in-house caterer, or contact Uptown Gourmet Catering to discuss the menu for a private breakfast.

Note that a booking with the caterer does not constitute a room booking – you must book the room with Ellen in the Synagogue office at (647) 873-1236. 

Photography and Rehearsals

Photography is allowed on weekdays, including in the Chapel and Sanctuary during weekday morning services. Photography or music, including electrical or battery operated musical equipment and recording or taping of any services, ceremony or celebration, are not permitted on Shabbat or Yom Tov (Jewish festivals), including at luncheons after services. 

All rehearsals and photography in the Sanctuary or Chapel must be arranged through the Synagogue office. Please advise your photographer and family members that only Beth Sholom staff may touch, move or reconfigure Synagogue property including the sefer torah, the Aron Kodesh (Ark), microphones, the Reader’s Table and other furniture, fixtures and ritual objects.  


Two flower standards for the Sanctuary are ordered by the Synagogue's office for Shabbat morning simhahs, and are included in the facilities charge. No other flowers may be placed in the Sanctuary. If you plan on dropping petals during a wedding, a runner is required. Soft candy-throwing is permitted at b’nai mitzvah celebrations, provided they are arranged with the synagogue office. 


All deliveries must be scheduled with the Synagogue office. No preparation or decoration may be carried on Synagogue premises during Shabbat. Deliveries will not be accepted or permitted, nor can anything be removed from Synagogue premises, such as food, centerpieces or flower arrangements, between 3:00 pm Friday and sundown Saturday night. 

Decoration Protocol and Damages

We want to keep all our facilities looking their best for many years to come. Rental spaces must be left in the condition in which they were found. One month prior to the simhah, you will be asked to provide a $500 refundable damage deposit. 


  • Signed contract and final payment at time of booking
  • Certificate of insurance from all vendors three weeks before the event
  • Details on deliveries, vendor timing and needs three weeks before the event.

For Your Guests

Every house of worship has its own traditions and customs, and we often receive calls from invited guests asking if there is anything they should know about attending a service or event at Beth Sholom. Guests are most grateful to have prior knowledge of the following:
  • Seating: At Beth Sholom, men and women may sit together.
  • Attire: For women and girls, this is typically a dress that covers their shoulders and reaches past their knees. Men and boys typically wear suits, white shirts and ties. Inside the building, all men are required to wear a Kippah (head covering) and during services, Jewish men are expected to wear a Tallit (prayer shawl). If men do not own a Kippah or Jewish men do not own a Tallit, the Synagogue has extras available.
  • Shabbat: It is very important that the sanctity of the Shabbat (Friday evenings or Saturday until after sundown) be maintained. Please advise your guests that all cameras, pagers, cellular phones and other electronic devices should not be brought into the Synagogue or on the Synagogue grounds, nor should there be writing, smoking or exchange of gifts of money during Shabbat; it desecrates the holiness and sanctity of the Synagogue and Shabbat.  

Bookings & Tours

To book one of our venues, arrange a tour or, if you have any questions, please contact Ellen at (647) 873-1236. 

Sponsor a Breakfast

It's traditional to sponsor a breakfast in honour of a loved one or to share an important event in your life with the congregation. Learn more, or contact Ellen at (647) 873-1236.
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