Membership Contributions

No one is ever turned away from Beth Sholom for financial reasons. Membership contributions and synagogue pledges are determined on a fair-share principal, based on each individual or family’s circumstances to a maximum contribution of $2,200 annually. If you would like to have a confidential conversation regarding your membership at Beth Sholom, please contact our executive director, Barbara Berke, at (416) 783-6104.
Family (2 adults, children under 26) $2,250/year maximum
Newlywed First Year* Complimentary
Young Families*  $425/year for 3 years. Includes HHD Assembly Hall seats (or until the oldest son turns 6)
Families with School-Aged Children* $1000/year. Until the year of your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Full-Time Student (any age)* $150/year. Includes 1 HHD Assembly Hall ticket
Baby Naming Special* $725/year for 2 years. Includes 2 HHD Assembly Hall tickets

High Holy Day Tickets

Tickets are required. Seats for all High Holy Day services at Beth Sholom are reserved, except for Family Services. This is no additional charge for children attending children’s programming.
Sanctuary Banquet Hall Assembly Hall Family Service Chapel
Members $250 $175 $175 $350
Non-Members N/A $350 $350 $600

Building Fund

The building fund commitment is a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $20,000 depending on the individual family circumstances and can be paid in installments over time. 

 * There is no building fund commitment for members in the reduced fee categories until the 3rd year, at which time a graduated payment plan is implemented until age 45.