Our ShinShinim at Beth Sholom

ברוכים הבאים & Welcome to our new ShinShinim Afek Katz & Yael Gour-Lavie!

We're so excited to welcome them to our Beth Sholom Family! Please feel free to say Shalom to our new ShinShinim during Shabbat or at upcoming programs throughout the year.

About Afek!

I live in Eilat – the most southern city of Israel. I am 18 years old, taking a part in the “Diller Teen Fellows” program for the past couple years as a fellow, and this year as a junior counselor. I am also engaged with science and robotics in Eilat and am a member in Eilat’s robotic team.

I love music. I started to play classical guitar three years ago, electric guitar one year ago and In play ukulele. I like to play with my twin brother, Inon, and my friends. 

A big hobby that I have is robotics and science in which I compete nationally. My majors in school are robotics, physics, computer science & programing.  

I have two siblings, my oldest brother is a soldier in the IDF. My twin brother has the same interests as me, but we don’t look alike at all. My brothers and I have good relationship and always help one another if needed. My parents support me all the time and we have a great connection. 

Meet Yael!

I live in Ein- Iron. It is in the north of Israel, twenty minutes from Caesarea, about an hour from Tel-Aviv. It is a quiet little village with a lot of green areas, farms and animals all around. All the neighbours know each other; we celebrate holidays together, and have a youth movement called “Bney-Hamoshavim”. I am seventeen years old. I have been a counselor in my village and attended a delegation to Sweden with a young ambassadors course.

I am an artsy person, I play the flute, I love to sing and dance a lot and was in a folk dance group. My most favourite thing is to get into philosophical discussions with my dad. 

We are a family of seven; I am in the middle. I have two older siblings, they are both currently serving in the army. I have two younger sisters. We are all very close.

Meet Afek & Yael!