Our ShinShinim at Beth Sholom

Welcome to our new ShinShinim Ofir Ken-Li and Osher Tachan. Both from Eilat, they have traveled to Toronto twice already as Diller fellows and Diller Junior Counsellors. We are so excited to have them join us for the year. They will be enriching our congregation with their Israeli perspective in so many areas including: SholomLearning, youth programs, Shabbat morning, Shabbat dinners and adult education. They bring a unique perspective on current events as well as life in Israel. We know they will add so much to our community. Please take an opportunity to greet them at Shabbat Kiddush and follow them on Facebook: "Osher and Ofir UJA's Israel Engagement ShinShinim".

Thank you to our host families this year, The Shore-Schreiber Family, The Markel-Freedman Family, They Mayer Family and the Shinoff-Teitelbaum family for welcoming Osher and Ofir into their homes. You are an integral part of their success in the coming year and we know it will be an experience to last a lifetime.

Margaret Lindzon and Rabbi Janice Elster