In Judaism, charity is not merely an act of giving; it is a moral commitment of faith. The commandment of tzedakah is so important that the recipient of our charity is considered to be granting us a favor by allowing us to fulfill our obligation. 

Although we translate tzedakah as charity, it is both broader and deeper in meaning. It derives from the Hebrew root tzedek, meaning justice or righteousness. We do not give to charity out of kindness alone — we perform acts of tzedakah as we seek to create a just world.

The Rabbis of old taught that the construction of the Temple was not completed until everyone had contributed to the effort. As a result, the Synagogue, the place where our people and God meet, is dependent upon the good will and donations of each and every one of us.

Your gifts to Beth Sholom reflect that tradition. You make possible inspiring worship services led by outstanding clergy; stimulating educational opportunities for tots, children, teens and adults; Jewish cultural programming; connection and caring for our congregational community; fulfillment of our commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world) and K'Lal Israel (the Jewish community worldwide). Through your support, we are able to offer membership to all who wish to join, regardless of ability to pay full dues/fees; and the maintenance and preservation of our building, ritual objects and archives.

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