Beth Sholom Foundation

Several years ago the Board of Governors of the synagogue established the Beth Sholom Foundation as a parallel charitable organization to Beth Sholom Synagogue. The purpose of the Foundation is to maintain a fund designed to provide long term support for Beth Sholom Synagogue, separate from the day-to-day functions and expenditures of the Synagogue.

The Foundation counts on generous members like you to ensure that the synagogue continues to thrive for the benefit of your children and your children’s children. The principal of the donations are retained in the Foundation and not encroached upon for synagogue operations. The interest earned in the Foundation is directed back to the synagogue, and is earmarked for capital projects or as determined by the Senior Officers and Board of Governors.

Join the Builder's Circle

We are looking for you, our members, to become a part of the Builder’s Circle by making a ten year commitment to contribute $10,000.  This commitment can be paid in one lump sum, or in monthly, quarterly or annual installments over the full ten year period, according to your individual comfort level. One hundred members making this commitment will provide one million dollars, ensuring the legacy we have built together endures for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.    

Donations of any amount are welcome at any time. Please consult with your legal or financial advisors to consider the tax advantages of donating securities or life insurance policies to the Beth Sholom Foundation and to consider making a bequest in your will. Help guarantee the future of Beth Sholom Synagogue with your support of the Beth Sholom Foundation. 

Donate Now

Make your donation online and provide for the long term support for Beth Sholom, separate from the day-to-day functions and expenditures of the Synagogue.


For more information about the Beth Sholom Foundation or to learn more about becoming a member of the Builder's Circle, contact our executive dIrector, Barbara Berke at (416) 783-6104. 

Builder's Circle Members

A number of generous members have already made the commitment to the Beth Sholom Foundation and are members of the Builder's Circle. 
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