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The Hebrew word machon means institute, but it’s really a place of intelligent, and thoughtful happenings. At Beth Sholom we have branded our adult education with the word "Machon" because we want our adult learning to be intelligent, thoughtful and happening. Machon includes weekly Torah study with Rabbi John Moscowitz and Rabbi Flanzraich, exciting programs, engaging speakers and the message that Jewish learning doesn’t end at your bat or bar mitzvah — it’s actually just starting!

Speakers Series: The Year to Stand with Israel

As events stirred in the Middle East, a growing anger and discontent with Israel grew, in spite of the common sense arguments that frame the State of Israel as defending itself from harm. The summer of 2014/5774 also saw growing calls for Israel to be boycotted internationally and to have its leaders called before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, amongst other distorted perceptions about the region and its challenges. This “Year to Stand With Israel” is our answer to them: a proud, open, tolerant, unabashed discussion and support for the State of Israel. Join us this year for a compelling series of speakers that will keep the Israel we know in the public discussion, and not cede ground to her maligners. Make this year your “Year to Stand With Israel.

—Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich

60 Seconds with Rabbi Flanzraich

Rabbi Flanzraich offers his insights on our contemporary challenges through a Jewish lens and in the context of the Torah in a series of 60 second videos.
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