As Jews, we inherit a history rich with rituals and traditions that support, celebrate and guide us through the never ending cycle of life. By sharing these occasions with our synagogue community, our life stories become interwoven with those who share the experience with us: They are reminded of their own, similar experience in another time and place and, in this way, we are connected with our history and Jewish people everywhere. 

Whether in celebration one of life's happy milestones or during a time of need, it is this connection to our history and to each other that often brings back to the Synagogue those of us who have drifted away. For those of us for whom Beth Sholom has long been a place of inspiration, celebration and comfort, there is no question where or with whom we will find what we seek. 

Members and non-members are welcome in grief and celebration. Our clergy are here to support and to listen. Our staff are here to guide us through planning and logistics. Our community is here to join with us and share in the experience of the Jewish people everywhere.

After-Hours Emergencies

If you are in crisis or need to reach us after hours for a personal emergency, please call us at (416) 783-6103 and follow the prompts.

Ritual Ceremonies

For information about, or to arrange for a ritual ceremony for your life cycle event at Beth Sholom, contact Ellen in the synagogue office at (647) 873-1236.

Planning a Simhah?

We're here to ensure your simha is a beautiful and memorable event. Learn more, or contact Ellen in the synagogue office at (647) 873-1236 to discuss your plans.  
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