We understand bikkur holim -- visiting the sick -- to refer not only to those of us suffering a physical infirmity, but to people suffering in all ways. Being part of our synagogue community can mean extra support during the difficult times. Rabbi Flanzraich is available to make home or hospital visits, provide pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance, and offer prayer and ritual support.

We also maintain a Mi Sheberakh list—the names of loved ones for whom we offer prayers of healing during worship services. The Mi Sheberakh is one of the central Jewish prayers for those who are facing the challenge of illness, and includes pleas for both physical and spiritual healing. The Mi Sheberakh is said when the Torah is read. 

We invite you to let us know about someone in our community who is suffering, that we may support them with visits and healing prayers. Bikkur holim is a statement that we care, and proof that we are not alone. At Beth Sholom, we are honoured to fulfill this mitzvah

Arrange a Visit

Please contact the office or Rabbi Flanzraich directly at (416) 783-6105 to arrange a visit for yourself or a loved one as privacy laws now forbid hospitals from releasing their patient lists. 

Request a Mi Sheberakh

To request a Mi Sheberakh (healing prayer) for a loved one from the bimah, please call Rivy at (647) 873-1235 or submit your request online.
Request Mi Sheberakh

Learn the Mi Sheberakh

Learn the Mi Sheberakh in English or transliterated Hebrew.
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