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Every year, thousands of young Israeli combat soldiers are discharged from military service and return to civilian life. Many witnessed terrible sights, made split-second life and death decisions, or experienced the loss of a comrade. Yet scant attention is paid to their psychological preparedness to cope with the aftermath of their traumatic experiences. 

There is an urgent need to strengthen our discharged soldiers and instill in them the tools to successfully handle and mitigate the impact of the psychological traumas that they faced during battle in their daily lives. This is where Peace of Mind and Beth Sholom come in.

Prior to coming to Canada, a select group of discharged soldiers (who are usually part of the same unit), two therapists and their social worker attend a two month preparatory workshop which brings them together and starts a dialogue on their combat experiences. 

When the soldiers come to Toronto, they are billeted with Beth Sholom host families. The setting outside Israel allows the soldiers to disconnect from the stresses of Israel and from their immediate environment, and their program here combines half day group sessions with leisure experiences. In addition, Beth Sholom hosts a meaningful and fun-filled Shabbat weekend to honour our soldiers and thank our volunteers and host families. 

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If you are interested in finding out more about the program, hosting a soldier or being a volunteer, please contact Barbara Berke at (416)783-6103. 

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