A Important Message from Sisterhood Chair - Margaret Lindzon
Shana Tova and best wishes to you and your family in the coming year!
As the recently installed Chair of the Sisterhood I look forward to building a strong sense of community for the women of Beth Sholom Synagogue.  One of the strongest attractions of Beth Sholom Synagogue is the dedication of our board, clergy and administration to ensuring a meaningful spiritual and cultural experience for all our members. I hope to bring this same commitment to the Sisterhood. 
The link below to a short survey to our female members is an effort to find out what the Sisterhood means to you and what you might like to see it become.  I hope to learn about your interests and what type of events might attract you as well as what level of involvement in the sisterhood might suit. A second survey will follow to clarify the information from the first survey.
With this information I hope to put together a plan for the next two to three years of events that will enhance your enjoyment of our shul.
I truly hope you will take the time to complete this survey and add your comments.