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Lauren is an avid crafter, baker, tea-drinker, gardener, and foster dog mama. She puts a lot of heart and care into the products she makes and only sells items that she herself would use or gift to close family and friends. These are high-quality, well-made items that you can trust will be enjoyed by you and yours.

Hand-knit, Plush Headbands

Super soft, non-itchy knit headbands locally crafted in-house in Newmarket, Ontario.  Toasty warm for chilly Canadian winters.  One size fits most adults.  Hand wash with gentle soap and warm water. Lay flat to dry.

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Cream Tweed




Medium Grey
Dark Grey
Dusty Rose




Slate Blue




Hair Scrunchies

Made from up-cycled materials including cotton, linen, flannel, satin, and velvet.  Soft, durable, and non-pulling. Hand wash with gentle soap and warm water. Lay flat to dry. 

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Forest Green
Crushed Velvet
Cotton Blend

Zero Waste Lotion Bars

Zero-waste lotion bars are a great way to hydrate skin, while being kind to the environment. Each bar is made with only natural ingredients, consisting of a blend of virgin coconut oil, unrefined cacao butter, beeswax, and vitamin E. Your skin is in for a treat. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. Use within 1 year. 

Bars have no added scent, however cacao butter gives off a slightly sweet and chocolatey aroma.

To apply: 

1) Make sure your skin is clean

2) Pick up the bar

3) Warm it up between your hands

4) Rub into skin (hands, feet, and body -- great for dry spots like elbows and knees especially!)

5) Place in a reusable container, baggie, or tin and store until next use.

Square Lotion Bars- $8 each
Oval Lotion Bars-  $10 each

Puppy Paw Balm

Unscented puppy paw balm in upcycled metal tins. Wonderful for soothing dry, cracked paws and snouts throughout the cold winter months and all year round. Each container consists of a moisturizing blend of shea butter, virgin coconut and extra virgin olive oils, beeswax, and vitamin E. Suitable for dogs and humans alike (external use only, but safe if pups lick their paws or snout). Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. Use within 1-2 years. 

To apply: If dog’s paws are small, hold the tin in one hand and their paw in another, place the paw directly into tin, and rub balm onto each paw in a circular motion. If dog’s paws are bigger than the tin’s surface area, apply balm to your fingers and massage into each paw. You can rub the rest into your hands when you are done and now you’ve moisturized your hands too.  

$9 each

   Burgundy Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Ivory Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Cream Tweed Headband - $22.00 - 2 Open
   Harvest Headband - $22.00 - 2 Open
   Oatmeal Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Sage Headband - $22.00 - 2 Open
   Medium Grey Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Dark Grey Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Black Headband - $7.00 - Open
   Dusty Rose Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Barley Headband - $22.00 - 2 Open
   Sapphire Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Shamrock Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Grape Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Slate Blue Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Tri-Tone Headband - $22.00 - Open
   Forest Green Scrunchie - $7.00 - 3 Open
   Purple Scrunchie - $7.00 - 4 Open
   Wine Scrunchie - $7.00 - 2 Open
   Grey Scrunchie - $7.00 - Open
   Denim Scrunchie - $7.00 - 2 Open
   Peach Scrunchie - $7.00 - Open
   Baroque Scrunchie - $7.00 - Open
   Zero Waste Lotion Bars- Square - $8.00 - 4 of 5 Left
   Zero Waste Lotion Bars- Oval - $10.00 - 4 Open
   Dog Paw Balm - $9.00 - 7 of 8 Left


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