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  • The Minyan Committee was formed about ten years ago as a response to dwindling Minyan attendance. Mourners were frequently unable to say Kaddish for their family members, as a minyan of ten was never a certainty. Through a decade of incentives, educational programming, enhanced outreach, and sheer determination, the Committee has worked to restore and rebuild the Minyan. These days, the very few Minyans that are missed, are primarily due to inclement weather and holiday periods.  Those newly bereaved who commit themselves to saying Kaddish once and twice daily, are deeply appreciative of the people who come regularly to help make a Minyan.  Most of today’s ‘regular’ Minyannaires were at one time, mourners themselves. Somewhere in that long year of Kaddish, and of healing,  comes the realization that  “as they helped me, so will I help someone else who is grieving.” 



Minyan Program: Jewish American Influence on American Popular Music

Benny Goodman: The King of Swing

with Allan Cheskes

Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 8pm

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Meeting Artie Shaw: Klezmer Meets Jazz

Jewish Influence on American Popular Music

with Allan Cheskes

Monday, April 28, 2020 at 7:30 pm

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Meeting Gershwin: Jewish Influence on American Popular Music

with Allan Cheskes

Monday, April 13, 2020

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If you are interested in more information about upcoming Minyan programs and events, please contact our

Ritual Coordinator at or 416-783-6103 x 4227

Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes Breakfast was born as a means of recognizing those people who return and who feel an obligation to give back.  When Unsung Heroes tell their story, it is always with deep humility – they protest that they are not heroes, they do not deserve such recognition, they are simply Jews doing what is necessary.  They feel that they get back as much as they put in, through new friendships, heightened spirituality, and a sense of purpose and belonging.  The Unsung Heroes breakfast is a joyous and powerful acknowledgement of this reality.

The Minyan continues to be defined by tradition, memory, and small acts of kindness. Its ranks are filled with Unsung Heroes. Let us continue to honour them in the years to come. We thank all recipients for their commitment and dedication to the Beth Sholom Minyan.


Fri, 29 May 2020 6 Sivan 5780