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About Us

Beth Sholom Synagogue now counts more than 1,500 families as members, hosts a vibrant and inclusive religious school and one of the city's most respected early learning centers. We are proud of how each member brings his or her own story to our diverse community—such as those who have a multi-generational history at our congregation and those new to the city or Beth Sholom Synagogue, of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a Jewish community – a place to call home.


 Shortly after the Second World War - in 1946 - a small congregation was holding its first religious services in the basement of a local Toronto pharmacy. It proved to be both a great and challenging idea: the space was too small and the demand for a synagogue was great. With that realization Beth Sholom Synagogue was about to be “born”. Three years later those families undertook the construction of a sanctuary and Hebrew school located in the heart of Cedarvale-Forest Hill community. For the growing families looking for a beautiful Synagogue community that could support their celebrations, education, High Holy Day services and need for community Beth Sholom would prove itself to be a destination of choice. Their leap of faith was rewarded as the Synagogue would go to flourish along with the area’s Jewish life that it was built to support.

 The revitalization of our Shabbat morning services, approaches to educating our children the future looks like the past: there are few alive in Toronto who could say that in some way their lives, or the lives of a family member or friend, have not in some way made its journey through Beth Sholom Synagogue. We are sure there will be many more who will continue to say those very words.


To enrich the lives of our congregants and community through the ideals of Torah, Gemillut Chasidism (Social Action) and Achdut (Jewish Unity).

TORAH                   תורה

The Torah is the lifeblood of the Jewish people.  Through this remarkable document, Judaism has not only survived, but has thrived through the expansion of its great ideals of love, justice and spirituality throughout the world.  Beth Sholom, through a progressive series of programs enriches the lives of our congregants. Through the devotion of prayer we further our understanding of our people’s unique mission in this world.  For we not only connect with G-d as individuals, but also as a community through our shared desires and concerns.

GEMILLUT CHASIDIM       גמילת חסדים

Judaism has never believed that we could achieve our goals by removing ourselves from the world that we live in, or from the people with whom we share it.  Therefore, Beth Sholom has a variety of programs that reach out to the community. From our annual Interfaith Dinner where clergy throughout the city attend, to our Out of the Cold and Kosher Food Bank Hesed Committee programs you will discover how making a better world leads to making better people and Jews.

ACHDUT              אחדות

Beth Sholom has long been a leader in community affairs, and a strong advocate of Jewish strength comes from Jewish unity.  By hosting and participating in various community events throughout the year, our membership becomes one with the Jewish community of  Canada. Through our strong support of a Jewish homeland, we further this unique tie and relationship to the State of Israel. Above all else, we encourage tolerance and respect, dialogue and cooperation amongst all branches of Jewry to build a better today, and an even greater tomorrow for everyone.

Mon, January 25 2021 12 Shevat 5781