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The spine of Judaism is relationships or the Hebrew notion of Brit (covenant). We are not meant to live our lives in isolation, but to share them with family, friends, the larger world and, ultimately, with God. It is these relationships — this connection with someone and something beyond ourselves — through which our lives gain deeper meaning.  

Listening to one another's needs, sharing experiences, learning and working side by side — these are the things that help us answer the question, "What is God's purpose for me?" Engaging with our neighbors and fellow Jews creates lifelong connections that lift us up and beyond our individualism and allow us to make an investment in the survival of Judaism — an obligation that extends to us all. And when we embrace the conventional relationship, we discover a life of meaning and purpose, belonging and blessing.

No matter what your interest or age, there are many ways to engage, connect and build relationships in our Beth Sholom community.




THE WORLD AROUND US with Gerald Ziedenberg, M.A.

Join Gerald Ziedenberg, M.A. for a round table online discussion of the great issues of our difficult time with The World Around Us series. All the sessions will be modified for late breaking news.

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with Allan Cheskes (Spring 2022 series)


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784